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About Us


Selfish is an upscale beauty boutique and training center specializing in the finest extensions for the hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Our boutique focuses on all extension services catering to fashion forward women in a high end boutique setting. We retail only the highest quality Indian Virgin Hair. We source our hair directly from the temples of India and have it sewn ourselves with a single weft for the least amount of shedding possible. We have literally searched the world for the best hair. Selfish guarantees you will not find better hair anywhere else, we already looked. Indian hair from the temple is the only truly virgin hair in the world. This is because of how the hair is obtained. Indian women go to the temple and shed their vanity(have their heads shaved)so that they will receive blessings for themselves and their families from the Gods. These women have never colored, permed, or processed their hair. These very religious women do not drink or do drugs which also ensures the highest caliber of hair. We do not sell “bundles” that is how Chinese permed and processed hair is sold. Bundles are a made up measurement, real virgin hair is sold by the ounce. If you are used to buying bundles we can easily assist you in the transition to buying by the ounce. Our hair is an investment that will last for years. If you are interested in picking out some hair you can call and make an appointment or stop by. We will just need to see your ID, then you will have a seat in our Glass Room and the hair of your dreams will be brought to you so that you may select the perfect pieces for yourself. Since our hair is virgin it will vary in color and texture. You may even see some gray hairs, this is simply because it has never been touched. If you are looking to color your extensions this is the best hair to choose, using virgin hair makes the lightening process much easier for your stylist while giving you the healthiest result.

To add to our menu of fabulous hairs Selfish has created our own line of Eyelash/Eyebrow extensions with all of the tools, glues, and accessories to accompany them. Selfish by Mimi decided to develop these products because as a extension artist in Atlanta the only option was to buy supplies online. When buying online the prices are often high plus the added shipping costs. Or you could choose to buy from another country to cut costs. This method can take much longer to receive your goods and you never really know what is going to come in the mail. There was no place in town you could pick up a glue when you ran out or it dried out. This is an obstacle we felt many lash/brow artists must be experiencing. Extension boutiques are popping up all over Atlanta, we needed a beauty supply that catered to these types of extensions.

Do you love mink lashes? Well you came to the right place. Selfish has 20 styles of multi layer mink lashes. If you are not sure which ones to choose, Selfish has a “try me” bar with a lash display allows you to try on the lashes before you buy them! Where else in Atlanta can you do that? Come have a seat in front of our fabulously interactive Simple Human mirrors. These mirrors allow you to change your lighting settings by simply downloading the app. Adjust your lighting for the perfect selfie.

If you love lashes then I know you love makeup too. Selfish offers Kett Cosmetics which is a artistry line that can match any skin tone. Kett focuses on the undertone of the skin. Have a seat at our bar and lets determine your undertone and pick the perfect shade for you. Kett offers creme foundation, concealer, blush and airbrush makeup. Whether you are a makeup artist or just a makeup lover Kett makes it very simple to carry all your makeup with palatable shades, perfect for travel.

Selfish has also created a line of makeup including long wear mascara and a mascara that works great with eyelash extensions. We have 10 different shades of powder highlight and 3 liquid shades. To accompany these products we offer several shades of lip pencils, eyeliners, brow pencils, lip lacquers, brow powders and brow wax. No matter what your skin or hair color is….. we have your color!

At Selfish we love all things beauty. We carry bath treats, body, skin, and hair products. Even if you are an all natural girl or just sensitive to a lot of products we have so many options you will love. Our boutique carries all types of great beauty tools and finds. Stop by, we the hidden gem in Atlanta.

Are you a beauty professional? Selfish offers classes on Airbrush Makeup, Brazilian Waxing, Brow Artistry, Eyelash Extension, Eyebrow Extension, Microblading, Advanced Weave Techniques and much more. Classes are offered in private and group settings.