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Virgin Indian Hair Extensions

At Selfish we offer Virgin Indian Temple Hair only. We do not middle-man our hair, it comes directly from the temples of India. Indian hairs from the temples are the only truly virgin hairs in the world because of how they are obtained. Our hair has not been colored or processed in anyway and is the epitome of raw virgin hair. Since our hairs have not been tampered with they will vary in color and texture, you may even find gray hairs. Indian hair comes in various shades of brown and black. These hairs come in textures such as straight, light curl and tight curl. We suggest you come to our glass room and select the pieces that are perfect for you. Our extensions are single donor and single weft for the least amount of shedding possible. Since this is single donor raw hair it is sold by the ounce only. No we do not sell bundles, that would mean it is made with several donors and probably not truly virgin. If you are used to buying bundles and are ready to make the switch to temple hair Selfish can easily assist you in figuring out exactly how many ounces you need. Once you make the switch to REAL VIRGIN HAIR there is no going back. Come see the difference in our hair. You will find cheaper hair, but you will not find better. Our hair lasts years, not months.

Not in Atlanta? Just give us a call at 770-352-4730 and we can FaceTime so you can select your extensions.